Kim Duffy pmu artist, Bracknell

Kim Duffy – Owner

I’m Kim Duffy. I’m married with two grown up children. I live in Bracknell, Berkshire surrounded by my family.

My story started in 2015 when a good friend of mine said she was going to have her eyebrows tattooed. I was intrigued. I’d never heard of this before. My friend was obsessed by her eyebrows and it became our little joke as each morning, depending on how long it took her to pencil in her eyebrows, depended on how late she was for work! She didn’t have any eyebrows and was constantly checking them throughout the day in the mirror to see if they were still there. It was a daily nightmare for her!

Kim Duffy's Treatment RoomShe invited me to go with her whilst she had her eyebrows tattooed. I was mesmerised by the whole procedure. Not only did I find it amazing watching this transformation taking place, but more importantly the effect it had on my friend. It changed her life. She wasn’t late for work again!!

I was hooked. I started to research permanent makeup and spent time researching training centres. I visited the Dermace stand at the NEC, Birmingham, in May 2015 with the intention of checking out the Dermace trainers and the company. I’d already decided I was going to train with Dermace, but seeing them in action on the stand cemented my commitment to become a permanent makeup artist and I booked my training. I trained with Dermace in August 2015 and Jessica, my trainer, shadowed me every minute throughout my training. She was awesome and very inspiring. I left the Dermace training centre buzzing with enthusiasm. As a perfectionist with an artistic flair and a love of makeup coupled with patience, an eye for detail, a steady hand and a desire to help people this is now my passion. I absoluteyly love what I do.

Though I’m fully trained, certified and insured on all the treatments listed on my Treatments page, my education does not stop. I continue to keep up with the latest trends, products and techniques. I invest in keeping my skillset up-to-date by training with some of the best known talented artists in this industry, so I can provide the best treatments to my clients.