Why Would You Want Semi Permanent Eyebrows?

You might have experienced the loss of your eyebrows by over-plucking, hormones (the dreaded menopause!), chemotherapy, alopecia, trauma, stress, or for many, just by getting older they lose their colour and definition.  Having pigment implanted, resembling hairstrokes, can make a huge difference to their appearance, and therefore, a huge difference to your whole face.  Your newly implanted enhancement can add depth, definition and length.  Having a more defined eyebrow will, without a doubt, enhance [...]

Why Would You Want Semi Permanent Eyeliner?

An eyeliner enhancement can really bring the colour of your eyes out.  Eyeliner enhances the eyes and gives you that instant made-up look.  You can choose between a fine, medium or thick eyeliner to a smokey effect. Choose a colour from onyx black, rich darkest brown, Eskimo grey or blue implanted along the lash line to either the top or bottom or both to give a long-lasting eyeliner effect. Great enhancement for: busy mums [...]

Semi-Permanent Lips

How amazing are these lips?  This photo shows the lips before and immediately after treatment.  This is the first treatment and they will fade by 50-70%.  The colour will be reintroduced again at the retouch appointment 6-12 weeks later to build the colour and fill any gaps where pigment hasn't taken fully. Lipstick is worn because it makes our lips stand out and look more voluptuous.  Implanting semi permanent lip colour enhances the lips by [...]

Why Would You Want Tattoo Removal?

Clients usually want their semi permanent enhancements removed because they are unhappy with it and usually want it corrected.  Or they want their semi permanent makeup lightened as the treated area has become saturated with pigment.  Once a brow enhancement has become saturated with colour it is pointless adding more colour, so the only option, other than leave it as it is, is to lighten it. A concentrated saline solution is tattooed in the [...]

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a very effective, non-invasive exfoliating facial, making the face feel smooth and very clean. A round edged scalpel, specifically manufactured for dermaplaning, is angled in such a way that as it glides over the skin it removes dead skin and fine facial hair. It's very soothing! Dermaplaning is the next generation treatment on from microdermabrasion, as it’s so gentle, in comparison, that you can wear makeup straight after a dermaplaning treatment. Dermaplaning [...]


Ameson is Juliette Armand's wonderful hi-tech medical grade mesotherapy products offering a wide range of professional solutions for targeted and personalised skin care. Hyaluronic acid is the starting point and foundation stone of the entire Ameson range. There are serums to treat both the face and body. Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that can be carried out on any part of the face and body. The serum, or cocktail of serums, is worked into [...]

The Benefits of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels, though considered mild these days, are nonetheless very effective.  Peels give instant results, are relatively non-invasive, resulting in dry skin that take a couple of days to shed.  Peels remove dead skin to reveal fresh, smoother skin.  Turn back the clock or treat specific problem skin. There's a peel for all skin types, with varying strengths. Peels are an excellent add-on treatment to microneedling/ mesotherapy, or even following a dermaplaning facial. Your [...]

What are the Benefits of LED Light Therapy?

Light therapy is an effective treatment that improves skin issues. RED light stimulates collagen production, reduces fine lines.  Can aid in healing the skin after intensive treatments like chemical peels, microneedling and mesotherapy. BLUE light kills off the main acne-causing bacteria reducing acne breakouts. GREEN light helps lighten hyperpigmentation spots, age spots, brightens dull complexions. YELLOW light improves and helps manage Rosacea, stimulating circulation. Exposing LED light to the skin surface activates the skin’s [...]