I have carried out hundreds of these treatments since my training in 2017.  The skill is knowing how to angel the scalpel, hold the skin and apply the correct pressure so the scalpel glides over the skin removing both the hair and skin.  This treatment is very safe.

It is safely carried out using a sterile surgical blade.  The #10 blade is round-edged and specifically manufactured for dermaplaning.  The blade is angled in such a way that when the skin is held taut it removes both hair and fine very effectively from the face.

Yes it can.  Sometimes the skin can be nicked by the scalpel.  It’s like when you shave your legs, and on the rare occasion you can nick yourself.

No it does not.  Though it might sound scary someone drawing a scalpel across your face, it is actually very soothing.

I promise you, your hair will not grow back darker or thicker.  It is physiologically impossible.  When the hair is removed it just grows back exactly as it was before, no darker, no thicker.  The hair is removed from the surface of the face. The hair follicle remains in tact and the hair remaining in the follicle will just continue to grow, exactly as it is, no thicker and no darker.

Some people might have a few chin hairs that are a little thicker and, sometimes, darker.  When this is removed, it will just grow back exactly as it was before.  Dermaplaning will not change how the hair was originally before this facial.

There are two types of hair on your body.  Firstly there is Vellous hair, which is the peach fuzz, very fine translucent blonde hair on your face.  Secondly there is terminal hair which is a thicker coarser hair and grows on your legs, under your arms, eyebrows, beards for men.  When terminal hair is cut it still grows back exactly as it did before, coarse, but it is more noticeable as the cut end is blunt and this is more noticeable when the hair is coarser, giving the impression that it is growing back thicker.  It is not.

Yes.  Though I won’t use the more aggressive peels as these will just burn on skin that has been freshly dermaplaned.  I will though use peels that have been specially formulated to work with dermaplaning.  They are just as effective.  Check out the Dermaplane with Renew and Repair Peel.  This is ideal for brightening the skin, it retexturizes and is good for Rosacea sufferers and anyone who experiences breakouts following Dermaplaning.  Then there is the Dermaplane with the

Boost and Buff Peel.  This is good for brightening the skin, antiaging and sun-damaged skins.

Yes.  These two treatments work well together.  I offer a superficial microneedling and dermaplaning facial.  It’s called the Rapid Rejuvenator and is great for all skin types, helping to brighten the skin, improve fine lines by pushing hyaluronic acid serum, which is the ultimate hydrator deeper into the skin.  The needle depth varies from 0.2mm to 0.4mm.  No anaesthetic is used.

No.  I don’t know much about microdermabrasion, only that a fine jet of abrasive crystals are gently blasted onto the skin, which lift the dead dead skin cells and are then suctioned away.  Microdermabrasion can leave you skin a bit red and does not remove any facial hair.

Both treatments are effective.  It’s just personal preference at the end of the day!

If you’re going to a hot country I’d definitely advise not having dermaplaning immediately before you go.  Your skin will be sensitive to the sun following this treatment.  Therefore have this a week before you go, or better still wait until you get back and get all that dead skin off your face and treat it to a hydrating mask.

There are some medications which mean you’ll be unable to have dermaplaning.  If your doctor has prescribed medication for any skin issues these medications usually thin the skin.  Please let me know what medication you are on so I can advise you of how many months you would need to be 6 months clear of these medications before having a dermaplane.

For instance if you’re on Duac or Roaccutane, then you can’t be dermaplaned.

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