Dermaplaning can give you temporary relief from acne and if you frequently breakout.  When facial hair is removed there is nowhere for oil and dirt to cling to, so less chance of bacteria growing and the skin becoming infected and/or inflamed.

This facial can be carried out on acne-skin.  Any areas where the acne is active and pustular can be worked around.  It is important that acne skin has a good home-care regime and that any sebum is removed before it has time to build-up on the skin.  Sebum is the skin’s worst enemy!

The best dermaplaning treatment for acne is one with blue LED.  Blue LED kills off the acne-causing bacteria and will limit any further breakouts for a while following your treatment.  The Enzyme Peel & Mask treatment is the one favoured by acne sufferers as this exfoliates, kills existing bacteria and hydrates.

Dermaplaning alone will not improve scarring.  It will make it look better for a while once the skin has been hydrated.

You need to try a more invasive treatment like microneeding.  Microneedling will penetrate the scar and trigger the healing process which stimulates collagen and will, over time, improve the appearance.

If you have scarring and would like to try a dermaplaning treatment, maybe try the Rapid Rejuvenating facial which combines dermaplaning and microneedling.  The depth microneedled is superficial (0.2-0.4mm), so will help at a superficial level.

If your scars a deep, then look at my microneedling page.  Deeper scars need to be microneedled at deeper depth from 0.5mm to 1.5mm to lift the scarring over several treatments.

Though this treatment won’t turn back the clock, it will give your skin a glow.

Sadly, as we all know, with age brings wrinkles.  Dead skin builds up in your wrinkles and can make them look worse than they actually are.

The removal of dead skin build-up from your face effectively cleans out your wrinkles making them less defined and at the same time brightening the skin.

As you age you will feel that your face is becoming hairier.  This is especially true if you are suffering a hormone imbalance.  The menopause, for example, makes you hairy! Removing the hair that seems more prevalent on both the sides of our neck and face will stop you looking woolley!

The best anti-aging dermaplaning treatments would be either the Enzyme Peel & Mask or the Dermaplane with a Mandelic Peel facials. Booth these facials exfoliate, have red LED light therapy which stimulate collage and calm the skin. Both have the mask that’s saturated with hyaluronic acid which will thoroughly hydrate the skin.

It might be worth alternating a dermaplaning facial with a stronger Lactic peel.

Sometimes your skin just needs hydrating. When it feels rough to the touch and tight and no matter how much moisturiser you apply it just doesn’t feel any better.

You need to select a dermaplaning facial that includes the hyaluronic acid mask. This mask is saturated with hyaluronic acid and is the ultimate hydrator.  Once the dead skin is removed from your face, this serum can penetrate better.

Try either the Enzyme Peel & Mask, or the Dermaplane with Mandelic Peel, or the Rapid Rejuvenatin Dermaplaning facial.  All good for hydration.

Dermaplaning is the best exfoliating facial.  Dead skin can make the skin look dull and grey.  It just needs a thorough exfoliate and hydrate.

Try the Enzyme Peel, Mask and LED facial to brighten the skin.

It’s very difficult these days to age and not have some sun damage.  Sun damage can make the skin thick, textured, and make our pores look bigger.

You will need to have a dermaplane that really pushes the products into the skin.  Try the Rapid Rejuvenating dermaplaning facial. This combines dermaplaning and microneedling.  This will exfoliate, hydrate, and the microneedling with help with resurfacing and softening the skin.

Rosacea would really benefit from a dermaplaning facial that has hydration and LED.  Try the Dermaplane with Mandelic Peel facial with yellow LED light therapy to stimulate circulation and manage your rosacea.

Mandelic Acid is great for treating blackheads.  Try the Dermaplane with Mandelic Peel facial with red LED light therapy to stimulate circulation and free your skin of blackheads.

This will not effect the pigmentation on your face.  The removal of hair will give the illusion that your skin is lighter and brighter and for some this is enough.

Pigmentation is difficult to improve.  Any treatment you have to improve your pigmentation needs to be protected from the sun.  You only need a little direct sunlight to reverse the effect of any treatment you’ve had to put you right back to square one.

Pigmentation can be improved by chemical peels and microneedling.  Try the Rapid Rejuvenating dermaplaning facial with microneedling.

One symptom of polycistic ovaries is that you’re more hairy than usual.  This symptom shows significantly more hair on both the sides of the neck and face.

Dermaplaning will give you a temporary release, but the hair will grow back as it was before.

Try the Express or Standard facial.  If you want a little something extra try the Enzyme peel and mask facial.

Feeling woolley? The menopause messes with our hormones and one of the visible symptoms is more hair on our face.

Dermaplaning will help temporarily until the hair grows back exactly as it was before.

Any of the dermaplaning facials will benefit you.  Give one a try!

You should really have your dermaplaning facial after your holiday.  Especially if you’re visiting a hot country.  Exposing your sensitive skin to direct sunlight will only encourage pigmentation to form.  It’s best to have your facial when you get back from your holiday so it can benefit from a thorough cleanse, exfoliation and intense re-hydration.

If you really want a dermaplane before you go on holiday, then plan to have this at least a week before you go and religiously top up constantly your sun protection factor 50.

Brides-to-be love this facial.  Planning a wedding also means you can plan to get your skin into shape.  Try to at least have a couple of these before the big day.  Your skin, especially if you’re suffering from acne, breakouts, dryness, will benefit immensely from a regular facial that exfoliates, stimulates and hydrates.

This is a favourite treatment for anyone who has a special occasion coming up.  It just makes the face look bright and refreshed.

If  you’re a makeup wearer then you also get the added bonus that your makeup will look flawless.

Makeup will glide on flawlessly.  You won’t need as much either, so go gently and enjoy how your makeup looks.

Thankfully, this facial is so gentle that makeup can be worn straight after.

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