I advise you to have more than one microneedling treatment as it takes time for your skin to create collagen and smooth out those wrinkles and imperfections. Remember wrinkles take years to develop and you can’t get rid of them with one treatment (I wish!). You have to invest time and money into improving skin that has been damaged over time.

I offer discounted bundles:

  • Individual session costs £135.
  • 3 sessions £344 (15% discount), saving you £60
  • 6 sessions £648 (20% discount), saving you £162
You can have microneedling every 4-6 weeks. If you are diabetic, and/or a smoker, for instance, you will need to wait 6 weeks between treatments, as healing takes a little longer. Otherwise every 4 weeks.
The collagen and elastin production continue to strengthen the structure of your skin for up to 2 years. The collagen that’s produced is of a higher grade, therefore the texture of your skin is improved.
Once you’re happy with the results of your treatment, it’s a good idea to have a microneedling/ mesotherapy treatment twice a year to keep your collagen strong and the texture of your skin smooth.
A week before treatment refrain from tanning, stop using retinol A facial creams. If you’re on any acne reducing medication stop this, but please check with your doctor first.

A month before treatment ensure any laser treatments are finished, any cosmetic tattooing is healed, and no chemical peels for a month.

Immediately following treatment your skin will be red, swollen and tight. So don’t plan to party that night!

The healing process will be different for each person, as it depends on age, lifestyle and the particular issue being treated. The healing process generally is as follows:

  • 1-14 days – INFLAMMATION – Nutrient rich blood surges to the treatment site. Inflammatory factors are released. Growth factors are released in the epidermis (top layer of the skin) and the dermis (the layer of skin below the epidermis.
  • 2-21 days – REPAIR – Growth factors continue to be released and connective tissue regeneration (strengthening the skin structure). Removal of cells (old and broken cells) no longer required.
  • 20 days – 24 months – MATURATION – Production of collagen starts its transition from type III to type I. The skin strengthens with rich collagen and elastin fibre network, softening lines, scars and pores.

Plan in advance your treatment. This should be carried out after a special occasion not immediately before. Definitely better after a holiday in the sun.

Yes.  These two treatments work well together.  I offer a superficial microneedling and dermaplaning facial.  It’s called the Rapid Rejuvenating facial and it’s great for all skin types, helping to brighten the skin, improve fine lines by pushing hyaluronic acid serum, which is the ultimate hydrator deeper into the skin.  The needle depth varies from 0.2mm to 0.4mm.  No anaesthetic is used.

No. You can’t have microneedling if you’re pregnant or if your breast-feeding.

What until after you’ve finished nursing and then book your treatment.

You will need 3-6 treatments.

Each person’s skins’ response is unique, so results are individual. If you eat healthily, exercise regularly and don’t smoke, your results will be better. If you don’t lead such a healthy lifestyle and smokes it just takes a little longer!

Remember wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks, etc, develop over a long period of time, so improving damaged skin also takes time to repair. You need to be patient with this treatment as the results will come, especially at the 3 month stage when the effect of the new collagen starts to show.

If you’re going to a hot country I’d definitely advise not having microneedling, or any invasive treatment, immediately before you go.  Your need to protect and hydrate your skin following microneedling, so any holiday in the sun is a definite no, no.  So either plan to have this well in advance of your holiday or when you come back.

There are some medications which mean you’ll be unable to have microneedling.  If your doctor has prescribed medication for any skin issues these medications usually thin the skin.  If you’re on any blood thinning medication, microneedling is not a suitable treatment for you.

Please let me know what medication you are on.

For instance if you’re on Duac or Roaccutane, then you can’t be microneedled and would need to be off this medication for at least 6 months before having a microneedling session.  It is always a good idea to discuss this with your doctor.  If he says you can have this treatment before the 6 month clearance a dr’s note will be required.

The same goes for blood thinners, like warfarin.  Please seek advice from your dr.  You would need to come off blood thinners, for probably 5-7 days beforehand, for this treatment and a dr’s note would be required to ensure that you can have this treatment safely.

It takes around an hour and half. There is paperwork to complete, time set aside for numbing and then the treatment time.

The treatment area is cleansed, numbed and the skin is prepared by applying a glide serum to help the Dermapen needle cartridge glide over the treatment area. The pen moves over the area four times, in different directions, and different depths, quite quickly.

The treated area is saturated with hyaluronic acid serum, to help super hydrate the skin, then cleansed with water and a calming balm is applied.

It can be uncomfortable, but numbing cream is used to help make this treatment a more comfortable procedure.

As we age the production of collagen slows down and what collagen is produced is of a lower grade. Wrinkles appear and the texture and appearance of our skin changes. Microneedling kick-starts the production of top grade collagen, elastin and connective fibroblasts which regenerate cells and strengthen the skin structure. Ideal for improving:

  • face, neck and décolletage fine lines and wrinkles
  • enlarged pores
  • lack of skin firmness and elasticity
  • acne and chicken pox scars
  • scarring
  • stretch marks
  • hyperpigmentation – good for pigmentation on the neck and age spots.
The Dermapen, an automated device holds a needle cartridge containing 12 ultra-fine sterile titanium needles. The Dermapen glides over the skin, puncturing the skin 1,296 times per second. This controlled injury starts the healing process and triggers the production of collagen and elastin.

The needle cartridge is small and can get into smaller areas, around the nose, lips and eyes and works at different depths, depending on the thickness of the skin being treated. Usually preferred over using the manual dermaroller (needles on a roller), which has only one depth and difficult to manoeuvre into small areas.

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