Microneedling should be avoided if you have active acne.  Microneedling active acne will just spread the bacteria, pushing it into the skin.

Though, any areas where the acne isn’t active can be treated.  It is important that acne skin has a good home-care regime and that any sebum is removed before it has time to build-up on the skin.  Sebum is the skin’s worst enemy!

It might be worth trying a dermaplaning treatment.  The removal of hair means there is nowhere for bacteria to cling to.  Any acne-causing bacteria will be killed off by the Blue LED light.  Try the Enzyme Peel, Mask and LED dermaplaning facial as your first step and advance onto microneedling when your skin is in a better place!

Microneedling will penetrate the scar and trigger the healing process which stimulates collagen and will, over time, improve the appearance of your acne scars.  Deeper scars will be treated using a deeper needle depth.

Microneedling scarring also improves the skin tone as it stimulates natural pigmentation, so any purplish scarring will also benefit from this treatment.

Tight, white, hard, surgical scars also benefit from needling.  The needling itself softens the scar tissue and encouraging natural pigmentation back into the area.  Therefore, a great treatment for face lift scars, self-harming scars, burns, and stretch marks.

As we age and go through various life events our skin tells it’s own story.  Lax skin and wrinkles are ageing.  Our production of collagen slows down and the grade of collagen isn’t as strong resulting  in skin that has lost its firmness.

Genetics, diet, lifestyle, health and the environment all play a part in how we age.  People who have a tendency to frown more find their skin loses it’s structural integrity.  Also people who have lost a lot of weight quickly find their skin doesn’t spring back as they’d hoped. Following pregnancy the skin has stretched so much over the months whilst pregnant it is now thin and has also lost its structural integrity.

Microneedling triggers the production of collagen.  Our old grade 3 collagen is replaced by grade 1 collagen.  The upgrade in collagen results in stronger skin, improving the connective tissue in the treated area.  Collagen takes time to build (usually 21 days to 3 months).  If you lead a healthy lifestyle you will be rewarded with good results.  If you are a smoker and sun worshipper, for example, you will get results, but they will take a little more time and require more treatments.

You need to take into account when embarking on any microneedling treatment that one treatment is not going to be enough.  You really need to consider 3-6 treatments and then consider maintenance treatments of 2-3 a year.

Pores do not contain muscle and cannot open or close. Therefore microneedling treats the stretched skin and promotes collagen to tighten and refine dilated pores. The tightening of the skin around the stretched pore improves the skin’s structure making pores appear smaller.

It’s all about improving the skin’s structure and texture. Improve that and pores will appear smaller as the skin is tightened.

Sometimes your skin just needs hydrating. When it feels rough to the touch and tight and no matter how much moisturiser you apply it just doesn’t feel any better.

If you’ve just come back from holiday or your skin’s suffering from the elements, try the rapid rejuvenating facial.  It’s a great exfoliating, stimulating and hydrating treatment.

Maybe start with the Rapid Rejuvenating facial.  Great exfoliating, stimulating and hydrating facial.

UV, sun exposure leads to damaged skin cells.  The skin will over time look red, blotchy, and feel thick.  You might also develop larger pores!

Microneedling increases cell nutrients and antioxidants and releases epidermal growth factors, which strengthen the skin.  The skin’s tone and texture will improve.

Please stay out of the sun and wear SPF50 each day, come rain or shine!

Rosacea is a chronic, progressive skin disorder seen more in women than men, especially between the ages of 30-60.

The loss of structural integrity in the connective tissue leaves the vessels both weaker and closer to the skin surface, therefore more visible.  Over time cracks appear which can become inflamed, seen as redness, bumps and heat welts.  Over time scar tissue is built-up resulting in bumpy skin and a bulbous nose.

Rosacea can be microneedled.  It will stimulate the epidermal growth factors which increase the skin’s density.   The collagen produced strengthens the connective tissue that support the vessels.  Increases cell nutrients.

It is best to microneedle rosacea when it is not inflamed.

Hyperpigmentation is very difficult to improve as our natural pigmentation is influenced by so many factors.  Hyperpigmentation can be brought on by exposure to UV light, pregnancy, hormone treatment, medication, acne, burns, insect bites, and fragrances.

Any treatment you have to improve your pigmentation needs to be protected from the sun at all times.  You only need a little direct sunlight to reverse the effect of any treatment you’ve had to put you right back to square one.

Microneedling in active lightening ingredients, like a mesotherapy serum specially formulated to brighten the skin will help improve the appearance of hyperpimentation. The structure of the skin can be restored improving the cell function, normalising pigmentation.  You would also need to consider combining microneedling with chemical peels.

Stretch marks develop when the skin is stretched and tears due to rapid growth.  The skin loses its structural integrity.  There is cell damage and the skin appears thin.

Microneedling can improve the appearance of smaller stretch marks.  I’d treat stretch marks using a treatment called MCA (Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation), rather than microneedling.  This is dry needling treatment where the scar is worked from one side to the other, creating trauma along each stretch mark. MCA is invasive, but effective, and works well on stretched skin.  As the treated area heals collagen and elastin is created and the treated area will benefit from a smoother look and even skin tone.  You will find a photo of stretch marks being treated using the MCA method on the Photos and Videos page.

I would recommend plasma skin tightening or even surgery to treat very wide scars.  Microneedling will help with improving the skin’s density and skin tone, but where the skin has been torn/stretched badly microneedling is not advisable.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding thenyou can’t have microneedling. Wait until after your little bundle of joy is born or you’ve finished breastfeeding before booking in for this treatment.

You should really have your microneedling treatment after your holiday.  Especially if you’re visiting a hot country.  Exposing your sensitive skin to direct sunlight will only encourage pigmentation to form.  It’s best to have your treatment when you get back from your holiday so it doesn’t struggle with the heat.  Sweating does not help!

If you really want a microneedling treatment before you go on holiday, then plan to have this at least 3 weeks before you go and religiously top up constantly your sun protection factor 50.

Brides-to-be love this treatment.  Planning a wedding also means you can plan to get your skin into shape.  Try to at least have a couple of these before the big day.  Your skin, especially if you’re suffering from acne, breakouts, dryness, will benefit immensely from a regular microneedling treatment.

This is a favourite treatment for anyone who has a special occasion coming up.  It just needs planning well in advance so you see the results when they are needed.  Plan all your sessions and have your last session at least 2 months for the big event.

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