What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup mimics the look of natural hairstrokes in the brows, eyeliner for the eyes and lipstick for the lips. The process is known as semi-permanent makeup, permanent makeup and micropigmentation.

Why Is It Called Semi Permanent?

The pigments used in permanent makeup are specifically manufactured to fade over time.  Their small molecular structure means the pigment is broken down by the body over time and fades in the skin. It’s important that the pigment fades, because our own skin tone changes also over time. The eyebrow colour chosen when you’re younger would definitely not suit your older skin tone.

The inks used in traditional body art tattoos contain carbon. Carbon has a large molecular structure and is not easily broken down by the body and that’s why traditional body art tattoos are permanent.

Why Would I Choose To Have Permanent Makeup?

People lose their eyebrows for all sorts of reasons, over-plucking, alopecia, chemotherapy, hormonal changes, including pregnancy and the menopause, to name a few.

Sparse eyebrows or no eyebrows can result in a person spending a tremendous amount of time pencilling them in each and every day. Worrying constantly if their eyebrows are still in place. Holidays in hot countries can be a nightmare and swimming is usually out of the question.

Permanent makeup can be life-changing, or at least give you back time. An extra 15 minutes in bed each day instead of the frustration of pencilling in eyebrows, trying to get them level and the same size before rushing out the door for work!

Similar reasons for permanent eyeliner and permanent lip enhancements.  Spectacle wearers and hayfever sufferers love permanent eyeliner.  A permanent lip enhancement gives you back colour and defines the lips, especially important as you get older.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

The Consultation

If you’re not 100% sure, starting with a consultation generally helps.  The consultation allows you to meet me and me to meet you.  We discuss your requirements, depending on the treatment you want.  Shapes, styles and pigments are discussed and colour-matched to your skin tone.  You will leave the consultation with a patch test, to check that you don’t have a reaction to either the pigment or numbing cream.  Allow 45 mins for the consultation.

The Initial Procedure

The consultation and initial procedure can be combined.  Though you are welcome to leave after the consultation if you’re not ready.  I will not tattoo anyone that is not 100% sure that this is for them.

Before photos are taken and numbing cream is applied.  Whilst the numbing cream is taking effect, paperwork is completed.

The numbing cream is removed, and the brow template is drawn.  Time is spent to get this right and your involvement in this is paramount.  Once the shape and style (hairstroke, powdered, ombré) of brow enhancement is agreed, I choose a pigment that matches your skin tone and hair colour.  Once we are in total agreement of shape, style and pigment choice, the tattooing begins.

The Follow-up Procedure

This should take place 6-12 weeks following your initial procedure.  You can book this in before you leave after your initial procedure, or you can book this online when you know your plans.

Allow 2 and half hours for both the initial and follow-up procedures. It’s good not to feel rushed.

You will leave with aftercare packs after each procedure to ensure your chosen enhancement retains shape and colour.

If you book a combined consultation and initial procedure, the patch test will be posted out to you beforehand

Why Do I Need Two Procedures?

Some people retain pigment better than others.  The pigment initially implanted can fade significantly.  Please don’t worry if it does this.  This initial procedure acts as a primer for the follow-up procedure.  The follow-up procedure allows me to see how the pigment has settled in your skin and I can then re-assess and adapt the follow-up procedure accordingly so you get the required outcome.

Treatment Areas

I’m specialise in both cosmetic and medical tattooing.  The treatments I offer are brows, eyeliner, lips and areola.

Eyebrows Effects

Hairstroke, powdered, ombre or a combination of hairstrokes and ombre.

Eyeliner Effects

Fine eyeliner tattooed top and bottom, to give a subtle enhancement, or thick and smokey for a more defined and obvious look.

Lip Effects

The lips can be outlined to add definition.  By applying a soft blush effect to the outline, or filling the lip with full colour really enhances and gives life and colour back to the lips.


Areola micropigmentation is carried out for various reasons.  People who have been through breast reconstruction can have areola micropigmentation at the end of their recovery journey to replace their nipple/nipples with an areola tattoo.  Some clients just want bigger or darker areolas for cosmetic effect, sometimes following a breast enlargement.

Will It Hurt?

It’s not painful. It can be uncomfortable.  I use topical numbing cream.  It has been known for some of my clients to actually fall asleep during their procedure.

The Healing Process

Days 1-2 – Slight redness and swelling. Minor itching, tight sensation.

Days 3-5 – The treated area will dry out and scab.  Scabs will start to flake. Itching, due to dryness and flaking will subside.  DON’T PICK!

Day 7-10 – treated area will be surface healed.  Makeup can be worn, if necessary.

Day 11 onwards – Visibly the area is recovered, but healing continues for the next 4 weeks.  The colour will settle.

If you are due to return for your Follow-up Retouch appointment, book it in 6-12 weeks after your Initial appointment.  Your permanent makeup will be assessed and colour will be adjusted if necessary.

What Is the Cost?

A permanent eyebrow tattoo is £325. Eyeliner from £195-£250, depending on whether you want just top or bottom or both. Lip tattooing is £295-£325, depending on whether a lip liner or lip liner and blush/flush colour is required.

Areola micropigmentation is £299-£499, but generally I’d like to see you for a consultation first, before confirming the price.

Aftercare Instructions

Aftercare is extremely important and your full co-operation in taking care of your permanent makeup will determine a better end result.  Generally you need to keep the area dry and resist the urge to pick.

Each person’s skin is unique and therefore the healing process for each person is different and heals differently.  You might not experience much scabbing, or your brow colour will totally disappear before reappearing.  Don’t panic.  Be patient.  Your follow-up appointment allows me to re-assess how your skins has taken the pigment and adjust your treatment accordingly in order for the desired end result.

Aftercare instructions will be given following both your initial and follow-up retouch appointments.

What is the Long-term Maintenance for my Permanent Makeup?

As I’ve mentioned before, everyone’s skin is unique. Some people retain the pigment better than others.  Worst case scenario is that your permanent makeup only lasts 3-6 months. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens.  Alternatively your enhancement could last 18 months to 3 years.

It is worth mentioning that certain factors can effect your permanent makeup enhancement.  For instance, if you have oily skin, are a sun worshipper, a smoker, have an auto-immune condition, you might find that your permanent make might fade quicker than if you have dry skin, don’t smoke and aren’t on any medication.  Permanent makeup is not an exact science.  How each person heals and retains pigment will be different.

You need to consider, therefore, having your permanent makeup refreshed once every year.  This refresh is called a colour-boost and it’s a one-off treatment costing around half of the initial treatment cost.  This colour-boost will brighten the colour and define the shape again.

Am I Suitable for Permanent Makeup?

Medication and health issues are discussed at the consultation.

You can’t have permanent makeup if:

  • you are  on blood thinners, aspirin, pain killers
  • pregnant or nursing
  • on anti-biotics (until they are finished)
  • you have glaucoma for eyeliner.
  • History of Keloids or Hypertrophic scarring
  • Diabetic (insulin dependent only)
  • Chemotherapy (consult your doctor)
  • Viral infections and/or diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Pacemaker or major heart problems
  • Organ transplant
  • Skin irritations or Psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.)
  • Sick (cold, flu, etc.)
  • Accutane in the last six months
  • Heart conditions, Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure, Poor general health.
  • Any treatment, medication, or illness that compromises the immune system / healing would make you NOT a good candidate for micropigmentation procedures.

An additional treatment might be needed if:

  • you suffer from an auto-immune condition.  This is because the body might push the pigment out initially and a third treatment might be needed to get the desired effect.  Please note, an additional treatment will cost £75.
  • you suffer from diet-controlled or medicated diabetes.  This is because diabetics take longer to heal.
  • you have very oily skin.  Oily skin pushes the pigment out, so an additional treatment might be needed.

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