What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup mimics the look of natural hairstrokes in the brows, eyeliner for the eyes and lipstick for the lips. The process is known as semi-permanent makeup, permanent makeup and micropigmentation.

Why is it called Permanent Makeup?

The pigments used in permanent makeup are specifically manufactured to fade over time.  Their small molecular structure means the pigment is broken down by the body over time and fades in the skin. It’s important that the pigment fades, because our own skin tone changes also over time. The eyebrow colour chosen when you’re younger would definitely not suit your older skin tone.

The inks used in traditional body art tattoos contain carbon. Carbon has a large molecular structure and is not easily broken down by the body and that’s why traditional body art tattoos are permanent.

Why Would I Choose to Have This Treatment?

People lose their eyebrows for all sorts of reasons, over-plucking, alopecia, chemotherapy, hormonal changes, including pregnancy and the menopause, to name a few.

Sparse eyebrows or no eyebrows can result in a person spending a tremendous amount of time pencilling them in each and every day. Worrying constantly if their eyebrows are still in place. Holidays in hot countries can be a nightmare and swimming is usually out of the question. Permanent eyeliner for spectacles wearer and hayfever suffers is a godsend.

Permanent makeup does not have to be for medical reasons.  You may just want to enhance your natural features.  You might just want the benefit of having ‘wake-up’ makeup.  An extra 15 more minutes in bed is a bonus.

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