All the photos on this page have been taken by me, Kim Duffy. None of the photos have been photoshopped and no filters have been applied. I’m not the best photographer in the world, but hopefully you’ll be able to see my work OK.

On this page you’ll also find eyeliner and lip photos.  Just keep scrolling down!


Powder Brow

This was the client’s first session of permanent makeup ever. She was naturally nervious, but so pleased with the outcome. On her touch-up appointment she asked that the bulb of the brow be left as it was, as she like the softness of the bulk, which wasn’t a problem. Pigment was only re-implanted in the rest of the brow to give her the desired look she wanted.

Permanent Powder Brow before and after photo

Sparse Brows to Powder Brows

This client just wanted powder brows that showed against her pale complexion.

photo of sparse brows to powder brows - permanent makeup

Hairstroke Brow

This client wanted a soft natural brow effect. Just something simple and not in your face!

photo of permanent hairstroke brows


Straightforward Top & Bottom Black Eyeliner

This client wanted noticeable black eyeliner top and bottom.

Permanent Black eyeliner

Top Black Eyeliner with Small Wing

This client wanted a more noticeable black eyeliner, so opted for a winged effect.

permanent eyeliner with wedge

Top & Bottom Black Eyeliner with Small Wing

This client wanted a subtle eyeliner with a smokey look, not too in your face look.

Pixelflick eyeliner

Top Smokey Effect Eyeliner

This client wanted a smokey eyeliner.  This will fade softer giving it that smudged, smokey look.

Pixel Flick eyeliner


Vibrant Lips

Though this colour is very vibrant and strong, it will fade by 50-70% of this shade. Two treatments are definitely needed for the lips to get the required density and colour.

lip permanent makeup photo

Blush Lips

This client wanted to add some colour back into her lips and redefine the lip shape. This is a lip blush and the colour is layered gently to build the colour, but they will fade to a soft blush colour (not a lipstick colour).

Lip Blush

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