Permanent Makeup Eyebrows and Their Benefits

We lose our brow hairs for a number of reasons; over-plucking, hormones (the dreaded menopause!), chemotherapy, alopecia, trauma, stress, or for many, just getting older. Eyebrows lose their colour and definition over time. Having pigment implanted, mimicking hairstrokes, or even a soft powdered effect, can make a huge difference to their appearance, and therefore, a huge difference to your whole face. Your newly implanted enhancement adds colour, depth, definition and length. Having a more defined eyebrow will, without a doubt, enhance your eyes and lift your whole complexion.

Highly pigmented semi permanent inks are manufactured in such a way that they retain their colour for quite a while before naturally fading over time. Your skin is unique, so the speed at which they fade is also unique to you. This natural fading allows pigments to be reintroduce into the skin at annual colour boost appointments, adjusting the colour accordingly for the changes in your skin tone. Fading of permanent pigment is very important as an enhancement you’d choose in your twenties wouldn’t necessarily be something you’d choose in your 40s, 50s or 60s!

Just because your eyebrows have become sparse doesn’t mean that you cannot achieve the latest brow shape. Together we will agree on a brow template that we’re both happy with. A pigment that matches your skin tone and hair colour will be chosen. Once you’re 100% happy I will start the enhancement.

The end result will leave you with a natural eyebrow shape that compliments your face. Your eyebrows are one of your most important features – they structure your face and frame your eyes giving definition, instantly lifting your self-esteem.

How nice would it be to bin the eyebrow pencil and have an extra 15 mins in bed each day?

Types of Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Effects

You will probably have an idea on what type of brow shape you want. My job is to make sure that the brow shape will suit your face and is achieveable for your skin type and condition.

Hairstroke are ideal for those that already have some brow hair and want their brows to look thicker, filling in any gaps and providing a uniformed, natural look.

Combination – Hairstroke and Powder are a better effect for those with very little or no brow hair that want a natural look that is subtle and soft. The hairstroks run throughout the brow from the bulb through to the tail and the powder effect is worked inbetween the brow hairs to give colour density.

Soft Powder Brow is the ideal brow effect for pale skins or clients that want very subtle brows with soft edges rather than the sharp clear edges provided by the Power Brow.

Power Powder Brows are brows that have the same colour density from the tail to the bulb. The outline of the brow is strong and more defined. These are crisp looking and definitely suit younger clients.

Ombre Brows are darker in colour from the tail and fade in colour towards the bulb of the brows. They can have a softer top edge and a more defined, crisper look to the bottom of the brow.

Hybrid Brows are where the hairs are tattooed half way and the effect changes to powder leading into the tail. A nice brow for those that have lost the tails of their own eyebrows.

The Consultation

We discuss what type of brow you want. What would suit your face and if the brow type could be implanted successfully into your skin.

There are considerations to be taken into account. If you have very oily skin, then a hairstroke effect would not hold in the skin, so I would recommend that you opt for a powder brow effect. If you are a sun worshipper, for instance, a powder brow would also suit your skin. But, we would discuss all the options before proceeding.

Generally clients book in for a treatment that involves both the consultation and the initial procedure, but you are always welcome to leave after the consultation to consider your options. I’d never tattoo anyone that’s not 100% sure that they want to proceed.

If you are happy to proceed, numbing cream is applied.

Brow Mapping

The numbing cream is removed. The area is cleaned and the brow template is mapped onto your face.

The brow template is mapped to incorporate as much of your own natural brow hair, to map around your own brow bone and ensure that the template is the right shape, depth, and length for your face shape.

The brow template is very important. This is where your imput is paramount. The shape can be tweaked as many times as is necessary to get to the shape we’re both happy with.

When the shape is agreed. The brow tattooing starts.

Why Do I Need Two Treatments?

Because your skin is unique, I don’t know how it will retain the pigment that is implanted. You will leave the treatment room with an Aftercare envelope to help with the healing process and ultimately help with the retention of the pigment.

You will then need to return for a second treatment. This second treatment allows me to see how the pigment has retained in your skin. Make any colour adjustments. You’ve lived with your new brows for a couple of weeks and got used to them and might also want adjustments in the colour and shape.

You need to remember that this is a two-stage treatment and that the second treatment is where any adjustments are made to give you the eyebrows you love. It’s a journey!


You will be given aftercare instructions and balm to help you look after your new eyebrows during the healing process. The first week is very important as this is when the brows will scab. The scabs grab onto pigment, so it’s important that you don’t pick. Picking not only removes the scab but it pulls the pigment out with it.  Once scabbing is finished, usually after the first week, the healing process continues for another 6 weeks, but you can continue as you did before, showering, cleansing without worrying about knocking scabs!

During the healing process, you will see your brows go through stages. They will appear darker, fade back and then settle as their true colour after 4-5 weeks.

You need then to come back for your retouch treatment.

Long Term Maintenance

Following your final procedure, your eyebrows will fade over time.

If you look after them they will last from 6 months to 2 years. If you have oily skin, sadly, their life-span will be shorter than someone who has drier skin.

Your skin, unique to you, will dictate how long the pigment remains in the skin. You will find that to keep the colour crisp and the shape defined it’s a good idea to book in for an annual colour boost.

Cost of Permanent Eyebrow Makeup and Colour Boosts

Your initial brow enhancement treatment with me is £300. This cost covers the consultation, which is free, but necessary, the initial treatment and the retouch appointment, which needs to be booked in from 6-12 weeks.

Future colour boost treatments need to be booked in every 12-18 months, to keep your permanent makeup defined and colour fresh.

The colour boost is an one-off treatment that costs half the price of your initial treatment.

Visit the Prices page to see all pricing for permanent eyebrows, colour boosts and all the other treatments I offer.

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Hairstroke Brows

Permanent Makeup Hairstroke Eyebrow

This is a subtle hairstroke effect to enhance the client’s existing eyebrow to add density and colour.

Powdered Brows

Powder Effect Eyebrow

This is a powdered semi permanent eyebrow effect. Same depth of colour from bulb of the brow to the tail of the brow.

Brow Mapping

Brow mapping is an essential part of the process.  My job is to use what nature gave you, using your bone structure to draw the template, and your job is to help me fine tune that template to deliver the eyebrow shape you want, which could mean a more defined arch, a longer or thinner tail.

Brow Mapping


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