Semi-Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup: FAQs2019-06-30T23:16:28+01:00
What Is Semi Permanent Make-Up?2018-09-27T19:03:00+01:00

Semi permanent makeup has lots of names. It’s also known as spmu, permanent make-up, cosmetic make-up, and micropigmentation. Semi permanent make-up procedures have been successfully undertaken for many years creating make-up looks that lasts. Pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin, a little more than 1-2mm below the skin surface, using a state of art digital machine designed specifically for the cosmetic and medical market, which is very different to conventional machines and inks used in regular tattoo clinics. The spmu treatment lasts around 18 months to 5 years and is carried out in accordance to strict health and safety protocols using single use sterile needle cartridges.

Whether you  are looking to improve the appearance of both your face and your body, a procedure of semi permanent make-up, medical tattooing, tattoo removal or targeted needling will provide a natural outcome that is both subtle and effective.

Who benefits from Semi-Permanent Makeup?2018-09-27T19:03:35+01:00

For perfectly balanced and shaped eyebrows, for a lipstick that stays put and for non-smudge eyeliner semi permanent make-up is every woman’s answer.  Coloured pigments are implanted into the skin to replicate make-up that last 24/7, creating beautiful and fresh make-up looks that last all day every day, slowly fading with time.

Whether you are 18 or 88 I have a treatment that will not only simplify your make-up routine but improve your confidence, self esteem and look.  I aim to create a subtle change that will have your friends guessing your newest beauty secret – what’s not to like?

How is this Semi-Permanent and not Permanent?2018-09-27T19:03:58+01:00

A conventional tattoo is implanted into the skin at 3.5mm, below the exfoliating layers of the skin whereas spmu is implanted at around 1-2mm depending on the area of the skin where colour is being implanted. Other factors include the inks (pigments) which are being implanted. A permanent tattooist would use inks that contain carbon, and carbon does not leave the skin easily whereas spmu tattooists use inks that contain oxides which do.

How Long Does It Last and Factors that Affect Stability?2018-09-27T19:04:17+01:00

Ideally spmu lasts around 18 months to 5 years. It is important that it fades out as adjustments to the makeup is needed as clients age over the years, ie skin colour and texture change with age so the colour will need adjusting to suit each client. Also the skin around the eyes and brows loses elasticity and ropes as we age, so tails on brows need adjusting to lift and open the eye.

Does It Hurt?2018-09-27T19:04:37+01:00

Topical anaesthetic is used on all procedures. I use Emla cream initially, followed by a mixture of LMX4 and Xlyocaine. Emla cream is used first, for a good 30 mins, to really numb the untreated area before any treatment is carried out. Obviously each person’s pain threshold is different, it’s generally considered uncomfortable rather than painful. Some people actually find it’s nowhere near as uncomfortable as they initially thought.

How Long is a Brow, Eyeliner or Lip Procedure?2018-09-27T19:05:00+01:00

I usually allocate 2 hours for each procedure. This allows plenty of time for the anaesthetic to work, for a discussion on the client’s requirements and setting expectations, colour selection and the actual procedure. More of the time is spent preparing for the treatment. The actual tattooing doesn’t take that long, but it’s not rushed, as we want it just right!

Who Has Semi-Permanent Makeup?2018-09-27T19:05:20+01:00
  • People who have none or little time to apply or re-apply conventional make-up.
  • People with none asymmetrical features, finer top lip, fuller bottom lip or vice versa, uneven eyebrows, over-plucked eyebrows, and eyes too close together or too far apart for example.
  • People who sweat; ladies going through the menopause suffering hot flushes
  • People with allergies to conventional make-up.
  • Sports enthusiasts.
  • Spectacle wearers who have difficulty applying make-up.
  • Lack of definition to lip or eyes or brows.
  • Alopecia sufferers or cancer patients with no brows or lashes.
  • Even men seeking subtle grooming can benefit from a brow treatment.

1. Make Contact

Whatever procedure you want the process will start with a consultation.

Either give me a call or complete the contact form with any questions you have on semi permanent make-up or any of the other treatments I offer.  My number is 07493 030 030.  My email address is  If I’m unavailable it’s because I’m with a client.  I will always return calls within 48 hours.  I’m happy to answer any questions you have and discuss your requirements.

2. Book a Consultation or Procedure Appointment

Following contact, and when all your initial questions have been answered satisfactorily, you can then book a consultation or a consultation/procedure appointment.  The consultation is very important as this is the opportunity for us to meet and have an informal chat about your expectations, in a relaxed environment.

Option 1 : Consultation and Treatment Booked in the Future

If this is your first spmu (semi permanent make-up) treatment, you might just want to come for a consultation initially.  This will give you the opportunity to meet me, see my treatment room and to ask any further questions you have in person.  To then go home, fully informed, and think whether you wish to follow-up with the semi permanent make-up treatment we’ve discussed at a later date. There is no pressure to follow your consultation with the actual treatment. If following the consultation you have decided to go ahead with the treatment, a date, in the future, can be booked, and you will leave the consultation with a patch test kit and a semi permanent make-up procedure date.

Option 2 : Consultation Followed by the Treatment

If you’ve decided you’d like to have your semi permanent make-up treatment follow the consultation, the patch test kit will be posted to you before your actual consultation/procedure date to check your compatibility with pigments and numbing cream (patch test kit), and instructions on how and when to carry out the tests, together with a confirmation letter which will be sent to you by post. If there’s not enough time to send out the patch test kit, you have the option to sign a waiver. On the day of the procedure a full consultation will determine your suitability for the procedure.

3. The Actual Consultation

The consultation will be thorough and informative, answering any questions or concerns you may have. A medical and consent form will be completed for your proposed semi permanent make-up treatment to ensure your suitability for the procedure. I will discuss with you what you would like to achieve with permanent make-up and I will help you decide on a realistic choice just right for you. Depending on what treatment you choose, I will assess the right shape for brows, assist with eyeliner and lip colours. The correct pigment will be selected to suit your own skin tone to complement the overall appearance of your skin, hair and eye colour to enhance your facial symmetry.

Brows will be drawn on you with a special pencil to give you an idea of the shape and how that shape will enhance your face. You can request as many changes as you want. No procedure will be carried out until you are 100% happy with the shape and position. If you have just booked a consultation, the next step is to book your actual procedure appointment.

Consultation Duration Allow 30-60 minutes

4. At this stage the chosen procedure normally takes place

Before any tattooing is started, medical and consent forms need to be completed and photographs need to be taken.  Pigments need to be selected and anesthetic numbing cream applied.

5. Before Procedure Photography

Before photos are very important for both you, as the client, and me, as the technician. They are good for you to have as a point of reference and they are very important to me as I need to keep a record of all semi permanent make-up treatments carried out and a good reference tool when you return for any future treatments.

6. Anesthetic cream

An anesthetic numbing cream is applied to the treatment area to ensure your maximum comfort and topped up continuously throughout the procedure.

7. Procedure carried out

The selected pigments are implanted into the skin using tiny needles used with the latest state of the art computerised equipment.

Procedure Duration 2 hours from start to completion. Some procedures may take longer to perform as they are reviewed on a case by case basis. I will advise you at point of booking.

8. Post-procedure photography

Photos are taken after your semi permanent make-up treatment.  They are very important for both you, as the client, and me, as the technician. They are good for you to have as a point of reference and they are very important to me as legally I need to keep a record of all treatments carried out and a good reference tool when you return for any future treatments.

9. Aftercare

Important aftercare details will be explained to you to ensure you take care of the treated areas for the next 7 days. You will also be given an aftercare leaflet and balm to apply for 7 days. If you have any questions following your treatment please don’t hesitate to call me.

10. Payment and book your Retouch Treatment

I accept all major credit/debit cards and cash. I do not accept cheques. To secure any booking I ask for a £30 deposit.  This amount will be deducted from the treatment price, which is payable following your first treatment.  Re-touch appointments should be booked 4-12 weeks post procedure.

11. Re-touch Appointment

This appointment allows me to boost your colour and perfect any final adjustments that may be necessary to ensure your permanent make-up enhancement is complete.