Semi Permanent Lips

How amazing are these lips?  This photo shows the lips before and immediately after treatment.  This is the first treatment and they will fade by 50-70%.  The colour will be reintroduced again at the retouch appointment 6-12 weeks later to build the colour and fill any gaps where pigment hasn’t taken fully.

Lipstick is worn because it makes our lips stand out and look more voluptuous.  Implanting semi permanent lip colour enhances the lips by giving them a more defined shape.  The chosen lip pigment gives colour making them stand out.  As we get older we seem to lose colour from our lips.  Having a semi permanent lip colour implanted enhances the lips giving a youthful look lifting your complexion.

Treatment Protocol

All treatments start with a consultation. Once you’re in my treatment room, and settled, numbing cream is applied.  This will be left for 30 minutes.  We will then work through the paperwork together, discuss your requirements and set expectations.  We will look at the lip pigments and pick a colour.  Once your lips are numb, I will draw around the lips so I can see the lip outline clearer when implanting the pigment.  Please note that I will not tattoo outside the natural lip line.

Photographs are taken throughout the procedure.

No procedure will be carried out unless you are 100% happy to continue.

The lips are a very sensitive area to be tattooed, so anaesthesia is applied frequently.  Once the lips are completed the treatment will be finished with 10 minutes under the LED Light to help the healing process.

This is a two-treatment process. The initial treatment is to implant pigment into the lip to the agreed shape. We take it nice and easy. You will then go home, with your aftercare ointment and instructions, and heal. The follow-up treatment needs to be booked 4-12 weeks later. This is the important treatment, as I can see how the pigment has taken and an adjustment in the colour can be made.  This second treatment needs to be right as this is what you will be living with going forward, until they fade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Will they be this vibrant after healing?
A – No.  Lip pigments are very vibrant when they are initially implanted.  They will fade quite significantly, sometimes upto 70%.

Q – How long will they last?
A – Implanting pigment into the skin is not an exact science. Everyone’s skin is different.  Some people hold pigment for years, whereas others might only hold it for 3-6 months. This is a difficult question to answer.

Q – How often should I have a Colour Boost?
A – Following your initial brow enhancement you should think about annual colour boosts.  But it’s totally up to you how often you wish to have a colour boost.  A colour boost is one treatment.

Q – Why is the pigment used not permanent?
A – Pigments fades so you have the choice to keep with the same colour or try different colours as the original colour fades.

Q – Why are my lips immediately after treatment so dark?
A – The pigment will sit at the top of the skin and will appear darker. As the lips heal the pigment will settle, sometimes totally disappearing before re-appearing weeks later.  That’s why you need at least 4 weeks for the brow to heal.

Q – Why has the colour in my lips disappeared?
A – Lips heal differently as the skin will heal opaque hiding the pigment.  As the lips heal the colour will re-appear.  Sometimes this colour can take upto three months to totally show.  It’s best to wait at least 6 weeks before returning for the retouch.

Q – I’ve had lip fille. How long do I have to wait before having my lip enhancement?
A – You will need to wait two weeks after you’ve had filler.  If you are planning to have filler then book this at least two weeks after your semi permanent lip treatment. You need to make sure that the lip is fully healed.

Q – I’m going on holiday. When should I have my lip enhancement carried out?
A – You need to plan. If you’re going on holiday to a hot country, the sun will fade your enhancement. You can’t get your newly enhanced lips wet, so no swimming. Have a fabulous holiday and then book your lip enhancement after your holiday. Once you’re fully healed you can wear SPF and go on holiday as many times as you want.

Q- I have a special occasion. When should I plan to have my enhancement carried out?
A – If you have a special occasion you really need to plan for this. I’d say start three months before this special event. Any semi permanent make-up carried out needs time to heal (twice!!), as they will feel tight, scab, and fade and you don’t want to be mid-way through treatment.

Q – Can I wear makeup?
A – No, sorry. No makeup on the treated area for a week. You can wear it everywhere else, but not on the treated area. Non-mineral makeup will draw the pigment out!

Q – Can I go swimming?
A – No swimming for the first week. No saunas either.

Q – Can I go to the gym?
A – You can, but keep sweat away from your lips.  If you could leave it for a couple of days as you don’t want sweat to push the pigment out from your lips.

Q – I’m pregnant. Can I have my lips enhanced?
A – No. Having a lip enhancement wouldn’t affect the baby, but ethically it’s advisable to wait until after the baby is born and after breastfeeding has finished.

Q – Can I eat and drink after my lip enhancement?
A – It’s best to drink through a straw for the first day or two.  No spicy food either.  Spices can draw out the pigment. No citrus fruit for the first couple of days either.  Also, be gentle when brushing your teeth.  Don’t over foam as the toothpaste has a brightening in it and can also draw out the pigment.