Permanent Eyebrows

Why Would You Want Semi Permanent Eyebrows?

You might have experienced the loss of your eyebrows by over-plucking, hormones (the dreaded menopause!), chemotherapy, alopecia, trauma, stress, or for many, just by getting older they lose their colour and definition.  Having pigment implanted, resembling hairstrokes, can make a huge difference to their appearance, and therefore, a huge difference to your whole face.  Your newly implanted enhancement can add depth, definition and length.  Having a more defined eyebrow will, without a doubt, enhance your eyes.

Highly pigmented semi permanent inks are manufactured in such a way that they retain their colour for quite a while before naturally fading over time.  Each person is unique, so the speed at which they fade is also unique to the client.  This natural fading allows pigments to be reintroduce into the skin, adjusting accordingly for the changes in our skin tones, as and when a colour boost is needed.  Fading is also very important as an enhancement we’d choose in our twenties wouldn’t necessarily be something we’d choose for ourselves in our 40s, 50s or 60s!

There are a small number of options to fix sparse eyebrows, such as pencilling them back in day in and day out. However, pencilling in your eyebrows everyday can become tedious and time consuming and you generally have a different look everyday! not to mention perilous, as you run the risk of wearing your eyebrows on your sleeve during hot weather or the menopause. Perspiration causes makeup to run and you may have to face the embarrassing prospect of ending up brow-less half way through the day…or night.

Just because your eyebrows have become sparse doesn’t mean that you cannot achieve the latest brow shapes. Together we will agree on a brow template that we’re both happy with. Pick a pigment that matches your skin tone and hair. Once you’re 100% happy I will start the enhancement.

The end result will leave you with a natural eyebrow shape that compliments your face.  Your eyebrows are one of your most important features – they structure your face and frame your eyes giving definition, instantly lifting your self-esteem.

Kim took great care in understanding the look that I wanted to achieve with my brows and eyeliner. I felt completely at ease with the process at this was fully explained at my consultation. The finished result is extremely natural – I have had many positive comments from colleagues and friends regarding the quality of Kim’s work and how good it looks. I am thrilled with the finished result! Thank you Kim!

Natalie Woods - Jan 2017 - Review left on - 5 Stars

I wanted by eyebrows done for so long but was scared as if it goes wrong it’s on your face! Then I saw some of Kim’s work on my friend and knew I would be in good hands. I have just had my 2nd appointment and I could not be happier. My eyebrows are exactly what I wanted, they still look natural which is what I wanted. Kim was so nice made me feel very comfortable and was very knowledgeable. Thanks so much Kim.

Linda Belnik - Jan 2017 - Review left on - 5 Stars

For me it’s life changing, as for most of my adult life I had hardly any eyebrows. What a difference it makes and only pole like myself will understand that! I’m so glad I found Kim, and even better, I got my new eyebrows for a great price 🙂

Alyson Murray - 18 Sept 2016 - Review left on Facebook

Kim did my eyebrows after I had a horrendous job done by another so-called ‘therapist’. Kim took so much time rectifying my brows and she books out a big enough slot so she can really work at a steady pace and won’t let you leave until you are 100% happy. She is a lovely lady and very gentle and professional. He workroom is pristine and top hygiene standards are maintained throughout the procedure. I am thrilled with the results and so glad I no longer need to spend hours applying brow makeup any longer 🙂 and her skill in rectifying my previous hash-up is impeccable.

AllanamariA - 28 Jul 2016 - Review left on - 5 Stars

Thank you Kim. Very happy with my eyebrows no longer have to pencil them everyday. Have my confidence back. And thank you for making me feel welcome your work is excellent. I cant thank you enough. Brilliant after care advice to.

SharniS - 23 Jul 2016 - Review left on - 5 Stars

I am thrilled with Kim’s care and work. Kim took time on my consultation and listened to the fact it was my fist time and I was scared of how it would turn out. However on the day of treatment I felt more at ease and was thrilled with my natural looking eyebrows that I will no longer take ages pencilling in. On my second trip in a few weeks I may dare to go slightly thicker, this was exactly what I wanted, someone who listened to me and started slowly and carefully. Thank you Kim so much for being such a mature and caring person and for an amazing job along with good aftercare service and product to use. Love my eyebrows.

MaryjaneW - 28 Jun 2016 - Review left on - 5 Stars

Had my semi permanent eyebrows done back in May 2016, and I could not be happier with them!  They look ever so natural and definitely worth the price!  Kim was ever so lovely and took good care of me, would recommend!

Eva – May 2016

Professional, hygienic, well priced and outstanding results

Jacqueline Brauer - Jan 2018 - Review left on - 5 Stars
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