Clients usually want their semi permanent enhancements removed because they are unhappy with it and usually want it corrected.  Or they want their semi permanent makeup lightened as the treated area has become saturated with pigment.  Once a brow enhancement has become saturated with colour it is pointless adding more colour, so the only option, other than leave it as it is, is to lighten it.

A concentrated saline solution is tattooed in the treatment area.  As semi permanent make-up is not implanted as deep as traditional tattoos, this procedure is very effective. 

Results from tattoo removal are unpredictable, as each client’s skin is unique.  Successful tattoo removal is dependent on how deep the original semi permanent enhancement was implanted, how old it is and the pigment originally used.  If you start on the journey of having your semi permanent makeup lightened you will probably need a number of removals.