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There is no definitive answer to this. I can’t guarantee that I can remove an old brow tattoo in one session as I really don’t know how your skin is going to behave following the treatment, how it’s going to heal. Your skin is very unique to you. There are lots of factors to take into consideration:

  • Is your skin oily or dry
  • How old is the pigment in the skin
  • how saturated is the pigment
  • what brand of pigment was used
  • Does the pigment contain carbon
  • What medication are you on
  • Are you suffering from an auto-immune condition
  • Do you smoke
  • Do you have a healthy lifestyle/diet

As you can see from the list, there are a number of factors that can slow the removal process down.  So you need to be committed to the process, trust the process and be patient.

LiFT draws the old pigment to the surface of the skin.  If the pigment is not too deep or too saturated you’ll see results sooner than if the pigment is really old, saturated and implanted deeper in the skin.

You will be numbed beforehand. Then the LiFT solution will be implanted into the skin a couple of times to build up the layers of concentrated salt. The procedure takes between 45-60 mins depending on where the old enhancement is located.
It’s not a pleasant procedure. At the end of the day I’m implanting salt into your skin. It will sting. The stinging will go off after a short time. Some people don’t feel much where others can really feel the sting.

I recommend that you have a removal session once every 8 weeks.  You need to wait 8 weeks so the skin can totally heal and settle.  This is non-negotiable as the integrity of the skin needs to be protected to stop any damage or scarring to the skin.  Once the skin is totally recovered you can book in for your next session.  We will look at how the removal is progressing.

Obviously you can decide as and when you want to book your removal sessions, but remember why you started this journey.  Keep committed, trust the process and reap the reward of seeing the enhancement fade.

You will need to follow the aftercare instructions religiously to achieve the best results.  You will leave my treatment room with instructions and an aftercare pack that includes sterile swabs, saline pod, sterile gallipot, microbalm.  Everything you need to keep the area clean and hydrated.  The instructions will guide you through the cleansing process and advise as and when to use the healing microbalm.

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    What Is Tattoo Removal?
    Cost and Treatments Explained
    Tattoo Removal Photos
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