Semi Permanent Eyeliner

An eyeliner enhancement can really bring the colour of your eyes out. Eyeliner enhances the eyes and gives you that instant made-up look. You can choose between a fine, medium or thick eyeliner to a smokey effect.

Choose a colour from onyx black, rich darkest brown, Eskimo grey or iris blue, implanted along the lash line to either the top or bottom or both to give a long-lasting eyeliner effect.

Great enhancement for:

• busy mums – who don’t always have the time to apply makeup
• professionals – smart look with no smudging eyeliner
• sporty people – great for swimming, especially whilst on holiday
• hayfever/ allergy sufferers – makeup stays put
• glasses wearers – no more difficulty trying to apply eyeliner.

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Black Eyeliner with Wedge

permanent eyeliner wedge effect

Lustre black eyeliner with a wedge/tick. Great for everyone. Great for busy mums, professionals, hayever sufferers and spectacle wearers.

Black Eyeliner

Permanent Black eyeliner

Lush black eyeliner. A very popular effect. Enhances the eyes and with mascara you’ve got get-up and go make-up.

Grey Smokey Eyeliner

Grey Smokey Permanent Eyeliner

Something a little bit different. Smokey grey eyeliner. This is immediately after treatment, but it will fade to a softer smokey effect.

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